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Ramayan World

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan by Sagar World – The terror and torment of the rule of the demonic Ravana had burdened the Dharti (earth) with an immense load of sins. The anguished and suffering Dharti (earth) appealed to Indra to help her, who in turn appealed to Brahma. Then Brahma gathered all the Gods together with Dharti, and took them to Lord Shiva, and then all of them together went to Vishnudham, where Lord Vishnu was reclining on his Sheshshaiyya (serpent seat). Goddess Lakshmi was seated there also, gently massaging his feet. Read More

Once in Brahmalok (the eternal residence of the God Brahma), Lord Brahma was seated on a white lotus. Goddess Parvati was sitting next to him. Just then, Devrishi (sages who are living in the abode of Gods) Narad came and bowed to Lord Brahma. Narad was worried. When Brahmaji asked Devrishi what the matter was? He said that he had been to the “Kumbhmela” at Haridwar, where he had bowed to Gangaji, and then went to Vrindavan where he heard a lady crying. Two people were sleeping next to the lady. When Naradji asked her the reason she was crying, she said that she wa. Read More

Krishna World

Ganga World

In a time long gone by, there was a very powerful demon known by the name of Bali, from the family of Prahlad and Virochana, the demons of ancient India. By performing rigorous austerities, by charity, and by following hard disciplines, Bali acquired so much power that he became invincible. He conquered the three worlds of Swarga Loka (Heaven), Bhu Loka (Earth), and Patal Loka (the Underworld); drove the gods out of their abode in Swarga Loka; and became the unchallenged king of all three worlds Read More

The great king Vikramaditya, who was known for his bravery and courage, had proceedings in his royal court. During this time he was gifted a fruit daily by a Sage, as a way of showing his admiration. This fruit used to go to his treasury like all the other treasures he received. The king didn’t understand why he was being presented with this fruit daily! One day Vikram noticed a monkey sitting on the palace wall; while he was passing the fruit to the treasurer, the monkey snatched it and started to eat it. Suddenly a dazzling gem dropped out of the fruit; upon noticing this, Vikram gave an order to bring out all those fruits which had been collected until then. Read More

Vikram aur Betal