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Sant Charandas was one of the great saints who had dedicated every moment of his life for human welfare. The founder of Shukra Sampraday, Shri Charandas was born on the third day of first half of Bhadon month in Samvat 1760 in a small village

Amongst the Goswami’s that are considered to be the greatest Krishna devotees, Shri Jeev Goswami’s name is prominently highlighted. He was born in the year 1514 in the Hindu month of Bhadra on the second day of the ascending moon in Ramkeli, Bengal. Some people

Meerabai is the greatest inspiring lady saint whose creations are sung in every house in India. “Mere to Giridhar Gopal dusara na koi.” “My beloved is the upholder of the Mountain (Govardhan), Lord Krishna, no one else”. Meerabai is an ideal personality for every Indian

Shri Nimbark was the founder saint of “Nimbark Sampraday” (sect). His sect also became famous in the name of “Sankadi Sampraday”. Shri Nimbark is believed to be the incarnation of Surya Dev. Few people believe him to be the incarnation of lord’s favourite weapon

When Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was leaving for Vrindavan he had looked lovingly to the Padma River and said “Baap Narottam” several times. He told the river that very soon Narottam is going to be born and she should donate him. Soon after these mysterious words of

The devotee saint of the category of great saints like Kabir and Raidas, Sant Peepaji was also disciple of Swami Ramanand. He was born in Vikram Samvant (the year of Vikram era) 1380. His original name was Prataprai and he was the King of Gagrongadh

The one and only saint that is responsible for the spread of Krishna consciousness like wild fire across the globe is none other than Prabhupad, who was the founder of the ISKCON Movement (International Society for Krishna Concioussness) which has temples and trusts in almost