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I want to wish my readers a very Happy Deepawali!! It is the need of the hour for our inner lights to shine brighter and harder to light up our so very stressed out mother earth. I do not like to write on political matters

Late Dr. Ramanand Sagar’s contribution to changing the Indian psyche through the magnum opus television series, Ramayana, in the year 1987 has been completely undermined by the pseudo-intellectual English press of India whereas the vernacular press hailed it. While the English press was busy criticizing

Rishi Vashishtha was the official priest of the Suryavanshi Ikshwaku clan. Brahma, at the beginning of creation, had created him by the power of thought and determination. He was also a Prajapati. When Brahma appointed him the clan priest of the Suryavanshis, he was not