Baby Krishna (Bal Gopal)

Shridhar, Kagasur, Trinavat attack, Chapter – 4

After Putna was killed by Krishna, to kill Krishna, Kans sent Shridhar disciple of demon teacher Shukracharya who was an expert in illusive tricks. Sridhar dresses up like a Brahmin and went to Nandji’s house to beg. Nandji welcomed the Brahmin and took him inside. He told Yashoda and Rohini to serve meal

Krishna learns flute

Makhanchor Krishna learns the flute – Chapter 6

Kanha (Krishna) was planning along with His friends to harass gopis by the bank of river Yamuna. They were planning to break their pots and steal butter.


Shiva comes in gokul to see Bal Krishna – Chapter 5

Kans was worried about Krishna and was discussing this while sitting with his friend Banasur.

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Ram,lakshman tied up in Nagpash

Meghnad ties up Rama and Lakshmana in Nagpash – Chapter 14

Ravan’s son Atikaya was finally killed after a fierce and long battle. When his mother Dhanyamalini heard of her son’s death, she cried bitterly

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Laxmi Narayan on Sheshnaag

Birth of Lord Rama and “gurukul deeksha” – Chapter 1

The terror and torment during the rule of the demon King Ravan had burdened Mother Earth (“Dharti Mata”) with an immense load of sins. The anguished and troubled mother earth appealed to Indra, the King of Heaven

Ravan takes a guise of sage and kidnaps Sita

Kidnapping of Sita from Panchvati or Sita “Apharan” – Chapter 7

On the way to Panchavati, Ram, Sita and Lakshman met Jatayu. He said that he was a friend of Dashrath, and therefore he would guard Sita while they lived there

Bharat Milap and meeting Sages Sharbhanga and Agastya -Chapter 6

Ram, Lakshman and Sita were seated outside their hut. They saw a deer and other jungle animals scurrying away and a cloud of dust on the jungle road indicating that a group was approaching