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The advent of the lord supreme, Ram Navami. On this auspicious day, Bhagwan Vishnu took his seventh incarnation and arrived in this mortal realm as Dashrath & Kaushalya’s son; Ram. Mostly revered as Maryada Purshottam, his regime is still remembered as the paradigm of perfect

Meerabai is the greatest inspiring lady saint whose creations are sung in every house in India. “Mere to Giridhar Gopal dusara na koi.” “My beloved is the upholder of the Mountain (Govardhan), Lord Krishna, no one else”. Meerabai is an ideal personality for every Indian

Shri Nathamuni was the greatest saint of modern Vaishnav religion, who brought in the foreground the creations of Azhwarons, which had vanished with time and also created awareness in the Vaishnavas and set a path for the future acharyas (saints) of Vaishnav Sampraday (sect). It

Shri Nimbark was the founder saint of “Nimbark Sampraday” (sect). His sect also became famous in the name of “Sankadi Sampraday”. Shri Nimbark is believed to be the incarnation of Surya Dev. Few people believe him to be the incarnation of lord’s favourite weapon

Alwar (in pure Tamil “Azhwar”) means, one who immerses himself deeply in devotion and bhakti towards the Lord Sriya Pati Sriman Narayan (Vishnu). These devotee saints are called Alwar. There are twelve of these Alwars. These were the first saints of South India born at

Shri Raja Kulshekhar Azhwar was born in Punarvasu nakshatra on shukla paksh dwadasi of the Falgun month at Cholpattan in Kerala (Malabar) state. His father’s name was Dhidavradhan and mother was Nadhanayagi. His father was the King of Chera Rajya (empire).

Post the incarnation of Shri Chaitanya MahaPrabhu, there were three saints who took forward the Bhakti Movement and filled up the void. These were Sanatan Goswami, Roop Goswami and Jeev Goswami. Roop was the younger brother of Sanatan whereas Jeev was the son their youngest