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The devotee saint of the category of great saints like Kabir and Raidas, Sant Peepaji was also disciple of Swami Ramanand. He was born in Vikram Samvant (the year of Vikram era) 1380. His original name was Prataprai and he was the King of Gagrongadh

Shri Periya Azhwar was born on the ekadashi tithi of Jyestha month on Sunday in the Swati Nakshatra at Shri Villiputtur in Tamilnadu. Traditional scholars believe his birth period to be 3056 BC whereas according to modern scholars he was born anywhere between 7th to

Alwar (in pure Tamil “Azhwar”) means, one who immerses himself deeply in devotion and bhakti towards the Lord Sriya Pati Sriman Narayan (Vishnu). These devotee saints are called Alwar. There are twelve of these Alwars. These were the first saints of South India born at

One of the greatest saints of South India, Shri Pothana was born in 1400 AD (some people believe it to be 1450 to 1510) in a village named Bommera near Warangal in Andhra Pradesh. His fahter’s name was Ketana (Kesana) and mother’s name was Akkamamba

The one and only saint that is responsible for the spread of Krishna consciousness like wild fire across the globe is none other than Prabhupad, who was the founder of the ISKCON Movement (International Society for Krishna Concioussness) which has temples and trusts in almost

The creator of the famous bhajan “ Prabhu ji tum chandan hum pani, jaki ang-ang baas samani” sung in every house as prayers to lord, Shri Raidas is one of the greatest saints of Indian bhakti (devotion) movement. The way Swami Ramanand made his disciples

Shri Raja Kulshekhar Azhwar was born in Punarvasu nakshatra on shukla paksh dwadasi of the Falgun month at Cholpattan in Kerala (Malabar) state. His father’s name was Dhidavradhan and mother was Nadhanayagi. His father was the King of Chera Rajya (empire).