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Shri Nathamuni was the greatest saint of modern Vaishnav religion, who brought in the foreground the creations of Azhwarons, which had vanished with time and also created awareness in the Vaishnavas and set a path for the future acharyas (saints) of Vaishnav Sampraday (sect). It

Greatest devotee of Lord Vitthal, the temple for whom still exists in the holy town of Pandarpur, Shri Namdev is one of the most honored saints in the Marathi saint tradition. He is so famous in North India specially Punjab his bani (speech) is included

Shri Nammalwar was born in the Vishakha nakshatra on Shukla paksh (ascending fortnight) chaturdashi (fourth day) of Vaishakh month (Hindu month) in Thirukurugoor (shri nagari) near Thirunelveli in Tamilnadu. His father’s name was Kari and mother’s name was Udhayanangai. Shri Nammazhwar’s father Shri Kari was

Of the 63 great Shiv devotees that are mentioned in “Periya Puranma” the religious book on Shaiv theory, Shri Nandanar is one of them. His life is an excellent example of the generosity, greatness and human morals of Shaiv Sect wherein not a person’s caste

The great crusader for the untouchables and revolutionary thinker, Maharishi Narayan Guru was born on 20th August 1854 in a small village called Champdanti near the town of Trivandrum in Kerala. He was the only boy amongst the four children of his father and mother.

Shri Nimbark was the founder saint of “Nimbark Sampraday” (sect). His sect also became famous in the name of “Sankadi Sampraday”. Shri Nimbark is believed to be the incarnation of Surya Dev. Few people believe him to be the incarnation of lord’s favourite weapon

When Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was leaving for Vrindavan he had looked lovingly to the Padma River and said “Baap Narottam” several times. He told the river that very soon Narottam is going to be born and she should donate him. Soon after these mysterious words of