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The one who made Vaishnav religion famous in Assam, Shri Bhatt Dev was born in Pingal (Paat Bausi) village of Kamrup district in Shakabd (the era which was commenced by the King Shalivahan). His mother’s name was Taradevi. It is said that he was born

Sant Charandas was one of the great saints who had dedicated every moment of his life for human welfare. The founder of Shukra Sampraday, Shri Charandas was born on the third day of first half of Bhadon month in Samvat 1760 in a small village

Shri Dadudayal was such a saint who with his entire mind, body and soul commenced a great union and revolution in the society. Shri Dadudayal had come to a Brahmin named Lodhiram’s house in Ahmedabad on Thursday, the eighth day of first half of Chaitra

One of the most dignified saints of modern India, Shri Gajanan Maharaj lived in a village named Shehgaon in Buldhana district of Maharashtra. There is no specific information available regarding his birthplace, parents, birth time etc. but few people believe that he was a Telugu