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Shri Sureshwaracharya was the second most important disciple of Shri Aadi Shankaracharya whom Shri Shankaracharya had appointed as the Acharya at Shringeri Math in South India. He propogated the Advait theory established by Shri Shankar. Shri Sureshwar was not only an expert in Vedant (one

The founder of the worldwide organization, popularly known as “Swami Narayan”, was born on 3rd April 1781 in Chapiya Village, near Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh on the auspicious day of “Ram Navmi”. His parents christened him “Ghanshyam Pandey”. His father’s name was Hariprasad Pandey (Dharmdev) and

Shri Thiruppana Azhwar was born on Wednesday, Kaisika Ekadasi of Kartik month in the Rohini Nakshatra in a village named Uraiyoor. This place is near Shri Rangam on the either side of river Kaveri. According to the modern scholars, his lifetime is believed to be

Shri Thirumangai Azhwar was born on Thursday, in the Kritika Nakshatra of full moon day of Kartika month in a town named Thirukuraiyaloor. His birth time is believed to be in the 8th century. He is one of the important twelve Azhwars who started the

Shri Thirumoolar was one of the Sanatan’s (eternal) traditional Yogis (ascetics) with super natural powers who were capable of transforming their bodies anytime and anywhere according to their wish. With his minuscule body he could remain present anywhere according to his wish. He could fly

Shri Thondaradippodi was born in the “Kudumi Sozhiyap Brahmanar” family in a village named “Thiurmandangudi” near Trichanapalli on Krishna Chaturthi Tuesday in the Jyeshtha Nakshatra of Paush month. His father’s name was “Veda Visaradhar” who was a scholar Brahmin. With great love he had named

Tiruvalluvar was a great saint from South India who had written a great book of Tamil literature named “Tirukkural” which is believed by Tamil people as the fifth Ved. This book is so great that scholars of other languages also praised Tiruvalluvar with all their