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Volume I Number I Sagar Vandan, [vc_empty_space][vc_column_text][caption id="attachment_14085" align="alignleft" width="230"] Painting by Pieter Weltevrede available on canvas and paper prints.[/caption] Sacrifices have their own stories and purposes. Some make sacrifices to achieve a bigger goal while some sacrifices are made for societal welfare, sometimes man makes sacrifice/s for

The advent of the lord supreme, Ram Navami. On this auspicious day, Bhagwan Vishnu took his seventh incarnation and arrived in this mortal realm as Dashrath & Kaushalya’s son; Ram. Mostly revered as Maryada Purshottam, his regime is still remembered as the paradigm of perfect

Shri Madhur Kavi was born in a Samvedi Brahmin family at Thirukkoloor in Tamilnadu in Chitra Nakshtra on the Shukla Chaturdashi (Friday) of Chaitra month. Traditional learned people believe him to be born in 3224 BC but modern scholars believe it to be 7th century.

The one who made Vaishnav religion famous in Assam, Shri Bhatt Dev was born in Pingal (Paat Bausi) village of Kamrup district in Shakabd (the era which was commenced by the King Shalivahan). His mother’s name was Taradevi. It is said that he was born

Shri Periya Azhwar was born on the ekadashi tithi of Jyestha month on Sunday in the Swati Nakshatra at Shri Villiputtur in Tamilnadu. Traditional scholars believe his birth period to be 3056 BC whereas according to modern scholars he was born anywhere between 7th to

Alwar (in pure Tamil “Azhwar”) means, one who immerses himself deeply in devotion and bhakti towards the Lord Sriya Pati Sriman Narayan (Vishnu). These devotee saints are called Alwar. There are twelve of these Alwars. These were the first saints of South India born at

Shri Raja Kulshekhar Azhwar was born in Punarvasu nakshatra on shukla paksh dwadasi of the Falgun month at Cholpattan in Kerala (Malabar) state. His father’s name was Dhidavradhan and mother was Nadhanayagi. His father was the King of Chera Rajya (empire).

Shri Thiruppana Azhwar was born on Wednesday, Kaisika Ekadasi of Kartik month in the Rohini Nakshatra in a village named Uraiyoor. This place is near Shri Rangam on the either side of river Kaveri. According to the modern scholars, his lifetime is believed to be