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Volume I Number I Sagar Vandan, [vc_empty_space][vc_column_text][caption id="attachment_14085" align="alignleft" width="230"] Painting by Pieter Weltevrede available on canvas and paper prints.[/caption] Sacrifices have their own stories and purposes. Some make sacrifices to achieve a bigger goal while some sacrifices are made for societal welfare, sometimes man makes sacrifice/s for

Indra is the chief of the gods/Devas (deities) that reside in Indralok (abode of Indra).There are many different stories available in the ancient literature about the origin of Indra. In the Atharvaveda, Indra’s father’s name is said to be Som. In the “Shatpath Brahmin”, Indra

In view of ancient India’s knowledge and tradition, Maharshi Kapil is seen as a proof of Sankhya Darshan (one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy). Sage Kapil’s importance is also given more weight as he is supposed to be the fifth incarnation of Lord