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Places In Sri Lanka   Introduction to Ravan’s own country Sri-Lanka (resplendent Island in Sanksrit) or Ceylon (British name) is a teardrop shaped island off the southern most coast of the Indian sub-continent. My only impressions of Sri Lanka were the poor and destitute refugees I encountered during

The advent of the lord supreme, Ram Navami. On this auspicious day, Bhagwan Vishnu took his seventh incarnation and arrived in this mortal realm as Dashrath & Kaushalya’s son; Ram. Mostly revered as Maryada Purshottam, his regime is still remembered as the paradigm of perfect

The Sun is the brightest of the planets. Life on earth would not be possible without the Sun. The Sun is superior among all the planets and he becomes pleased with whoever reveres him consistently. Among the planets he is God incarnate in solar form.