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DEVMATA ADITI – original mother of the universe


Devmata Aditi – original mother of the universe


Other names: Dev mataa Aditee



Daksha Prajapati had two beautiful daughters, Aditi and Diti. When they were of an age, he had them married to Sage Kashyap. After the marriage, Aditi gave birth to Indra and later Varun and other deities were born to her. It is because of this, Aditi is called Devmata (mother of Gods).

Seeing this, Diti longed to also have bright sons like those deities and she requested Sage Kashyap to favour her by giving her a valiant, religious and strong son like those of Aditi. So Sage Kashyap asked her to observe a religious vow, the result of which would be bright beautiful sons like those of Aditi.

Aditi got worried when she came to know about this. She told Indra that if Diti gave birth to her own sons like the deities, then the importance of Indra and the other deities would be diminished. So Indra destroyed Diti’s embryo by fraud. Diti, needless to say, was very angry and so cursed Indra that her prospective son would deceive Indra from the Trilok (the three worlds- heaven, earth and nether world) and the babies born from Aditi’s womb would die, one after the other. Aditi, mourning for her sons, was very sad and had to live confined to her chambers.

Sage Kashyap pacified Diti and told her,“O beautiful! Don’t get angry, cool down; I give you a boon that your sons will be the brightest, and they will defeat Indra, over and over. The curse that you have placed on Aditi will be fruitful in the Dwapar age.”(There are four ages according to Hinduism- Krita (Sat), Treta, Dwapar and Kali).


According to the ancient stories, Diti’s sons were demons who defeated Indra many times. In the Dwapar age, Aditi took birth as Devaki and Sage Kashyap as Vasudev. Due to the curse of Diti, Aditi had to live in the prison of Kans, mourning for the six babies killed immediately after birth. Her seventh child was illusionary because the soul who later became Balram, Krishna’s elder brother, was magically transferred to the womb of another wife of Vasudev, and Shri Krishna took birth as the eighth child.

Vasudev protected him by delivering him over to Nandgram. Devaki being the incarnation of Devmata Aditi, is why Devaki is also called Devmata.In the Vedas, Aditi is said to be infinite. In the Puranas, Aditi’s greatness is described just as sky, air, present, past and future.



The existence of everything is concentrated in Aditi’s existence. She is the original mother of the universe.

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