Maharishi Agastya was born as a result of the spilling of the semen of the gods Mitra and Varuna into

Ahilya is said to have been created by Lord Brahma himself. One day, Brahma imagined the most beautiful woman ever,

Angad was the son of Bali, the elder brother of Sugreeva. His mother was Tara. When Rama killed Bali, before

Rishi Atri was the human son of Brahma. His sons included Chandra, Durvala, and Dattatreya. His wife was Sati (entirely

Bali, the king of monkeys, was the elder brother of Sugreeva. He was born by the grace of Lord Indra,

Bharata was the son of Dashratha’s third wife Kaikeyi. Rama was extremely fond of his younger brother Bharata. His name