Map, Ramayan

There are two routes shown in the map
1) Shri Ram’s Journey with Sage Vishwamitra” or “Ram Janki Marg” and
2) Shri Ram’s Vanvas Journey


“Shri Ram’s Journey with Sage Vishwamitra” “Ram Janki Marg”

The road from Ayodhya to Janakpur, which was the route, used by the bridegroom and his “baraatis” (family) to reach Ayodhya after the Ram-Sita marriage in Janakpur acquired the name “Ram-Sita Marg” long ago. The route of the “baraatis” is known as Ram-Sita Marg and it is now a proper road. Millions of pilgrims actually cover the distance on foot till today to enact the marriage of Ram and Sita.

Shri Ram and Rishi Vishwamitra, however, took another route to reach Janakpur after the slaying of Tadaka in Tadakavan (Forest of Tadka).

Shri Ram’s Vanvas Journey

It is more difficult to chart a route for Ram’s journey during his period of exile. Firstly this is pan-India journey, secondly, Ram, Lakshman and Sita also wandered in the Dandaka Forest for more than 10 years. This mighty forest would encompass in today’s date almost the entire state of Madhya Pradesh including parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra on the West and Karnataka on the South. Hence this makes it even more difficult. Still we have charted a basic route, which can be seen here in this map.

There are many places that Ram visited during this 14 year period during which he had the good fortune of meeting with some of most enlightened sages and beings of that period. They were of course very delighted to meet with Ram themselves with many of them having been foretold the coming of Ram, they waited for years conducting severe penance for that fortunate time to arrive.