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Ramanand Sagar - Ramayan

Ramanand Sagar

 Born in a village Asal Gure Ke near Lahore (Pak) on 29th December 1917 in one of the most aristocratic and wealthiest family of Kashmir .

Great grand father Lala Shankar Das migrated from Peshawar to Srinagar He then built an empire and won the title of Nagar Shet of Kashmiri Chopras. Grand father lala Ganga Ram established export trade in 1867 in Srinagar. at birth named Chandramouli by Kulpurohit  adopted by childless maternal. He had a turbulent childhood full of agony and sufferings. Rechristened Ramanand by adopted parents. His real mother expired at the tender age of 10 years then a great writer in him blossomed to salute the greatness of women in all his works.



The Beginning:

 First recorded work at the age of 16 wrote exceptionally mature piece of prose poetry “Pritam Paratiksha” (Wait for the Beloved) for Pratap College magazine Srinagar Kashmir. He got Gold Medal in Persian – Munsi Faizal – from Punjab University Ramanand Sagar Struggled for a living He worked as a peon then truck cleaner and soap vendor etc. studied for degree in the night. Rose from a reporter to news editor of daily  Milap – leading newspaper of Punjab.



Significant Literary Contributions:

 Ramanand Sagar wrote about 32 short stories  A long shot story  one novel,two serialised stories, two stage plays for Prithvi Theatres  hailed as a satirist in prose and poetry. In 1942, as a advanced TB patient fighting with death – wrote a subjective column “Diary of a TB patient” which got him instant acclaim in the literary field . In 1947, following Partition, he came to Bombay with family – penniless.


The Film Maker ….

 Film career started as a clapper boy in 1936 in Lahore with silent film “Raiders Of The Rail Road”  forays in filmdom as writer started with super hit ‘Barsaat’ of Raj Kapoor in 1949 – brought him instant success and recognition, rewards and awards  Birth of Sagar Arts in 1950 with Mehman followed by Bazooband (1951)  some memorable films as writer  Badi Bahu (1950), Sangdil (1953), Insaniyat (1955), Paigham (1957), Raj Kumar (1958), Kohinoor (1958)  As producer-director-writer Ghunghat (1960), Zindagi (1964) of Gemini, followed by super hits of Sagar Arts – Arzoo Ankhen, Geet, lalkar, Charas, Baghawat etc., up to 1986           produced over 25 motion pictures,and wrote over 29 films most of them all time greats in the annals of Indian cinema, featuring great stars of that time . In 1985 – Sagar Group first to enter TV software production .



The T.V. Giant:

 From 1985 to 2002 logged over 2000 hours of super hit television software, including blockbuster Ramayan, Shri Krishna, Alif Laila, Jai Ganga Maiya, Ankhen and many more… Ramayan has been hailed as a Modern Day Miracle – success stories on BBC, London Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Arte France, NHK Japan etc.

 Ramayan of late Dr Ramanand Sagar was the super hit television series which was telecasted in 1985. It was produced, written and directed by Ramanand Sagar. It starred arun Govil as Ram and Deepika as Sita.



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