Hindu Temples

Hindu temples takes you through the length and breath of India and shows you the rich heritage of India through the rituals, idols, deities, architecture, customs etc. of the various temples in India.

Khajuraho Temples History

Khajuraho Temples History Khajuraho Temples The Khajuraho temples are a complex of temples in Madhya Pradesh, Chattarpur. These were constructed ...
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Puri Jagannath Temple

Puri Temple : The Puri Temple is in Orrisa, in the town of Puri, dedicated to the Lord Jagannath (Krishna- ...
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Kailash Temple – Ellora History

Kailash Temple - Ellora History Ellora was known as Elapura in ancient times, and it got its modern name in ...
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12 Jyotirlinga Story

12 Jyotirlinga Story Jyotirlinga History, 12 Jyotirlinga The meaning of Jyotirlinga is the radiance of the Linga or Radiance of ...
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