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It’s a new year, It’s a new world and, It’s a new US

Sagar Vandan,

Time flies, yes it does and its pace is uncatchable. Exactly a year ago, when we started this newsletter, we had a clear aim in our heart: to bridge the gap between us; to involve you more, in terms of updating you with our activities & developments. Every month you had a clang in your mailbox, with our monthly letter that acquainted you with the review of the month passed, from the eyes of Sagars. We are thankful for your love, your cooperation and your feedback that helped us in growing and believing that our steps are in the right course.

And with the change in the calendar, our monthly newsletter has taken a revamp, as we bring you some astrological denotations and some pieces from our pauranik legends to help you move a step closer to Indian antiquity. Our pauranik scriptures talk about graciousness of the divine, for God is forever benevolent, it is our hora and our karma that is responsible for the happiness and obstacles in our lives.

And when we talk about karma, it’s the Lord of Saturn, Shani who makes the judgment. Here’s a brief note on Shani’s position in coming time:


Painting by Geva Waltevrede of Lord Shani on his animal-vehicle (vahan) in this case a vulture or ‘Gidhh’ in Hindi

The conjunction of Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius will take place on 7th March 2018 and shall continue till 2nd May 2018; it’s said the conjunction is occurring after a gap of 30 years. Mars by disposition is unsteady and fierce, significator of the armed forces. And when this quick and impulsive planet joins Saturn, which is the significator of the masses and labor class, a slow and old planet; one can only imagine the result of conjunction.

This explosive combination, without any benefic aspect from Jupiter has the potential to create all kinds of conflict involving the armed forces. You could see plenty of skirmishes on the border and strong action against separatist forces globally (say Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Maldives etc.), although in all such situations the Army shall be the winner. You may also experience tense situations in flash points like North Korea, South China Sea or India-Pakistan / India-China border.



A Mars Yantra-Mandala by Pieter Waltevrede. The use of red color indicates the fiery nature of this planet.

India, with moon in Taurus at the time of Independence experiences this conjunction in the eight house which is particularly disturbing. We may surely see fire on the border (and the pre-effects are pretty much evident). On an individual level this could be a testing time for people born with moon in Taurus, however, the impact will depend on other planetary positions and birth and current Dasha cycle.

Since its February in continuance, we thought what better on the occasion of Maha Shivratri it would be to put forth the legend of one of Bhagwan Shiva’s vivid form, Natraja.

Since its February in continuance, we thought what better on the occasion of Maha Shivratri it would be to put forth the legend of one of Bhagwan Shiva’s vivid form, Natraja.

Most of th emythological stories have deeper esoteric symbolism, the eternal fight between good and evil is an indication yo us about winning over our inner demons.

As mentioned in several pauranic legends it was the Maha Shivratri night when MahaDev/Shiva donned the Natraja avatar, meaning the lord of dance, where NAT means dancer. As Natraja, Shiv performed the famous cosmic dance, tandava to subdue ‘Apasmara’, a demon who symbolizes ignorance & oblivion, to redeem Mhalsa (an incarnation of Parvati).

Do You Know: Lord Natraja is believed to sustain his renowned ‘Natraja-Posture’, suppressing Apasmara with his right foot for eternity, to keep a check on the demon’s influence; so that the state of oblivion is restrained.

While Shiv is mostly depicted in Samadhi or meditation state, which is also known as nirgun (formless) posture; when Shiv performs the lasya (the gentle form of dance associated with creation) & the tandava (the fierce dance form associated with dissolution), it’s his sagun (with form) posture. But the significance of Natraja is considered beyond the Mhalsa story for its iconic dance postures and symbolisms. His every bhava (expression), bhangima (pose), mudra (palm gestures), as well as every move during the dance has definitions that portray the cycle of creation, preservation & dissolution, when Natraja performs the aesthetical cosmic dance.

The depiction of Natraja in his tandava pose, as stated above is in itself enlightenment towards spirituality. When Shiv incarnates as Natraja, a prabha-mandala (ring of flames) encircles him, representing the cosmic fire illustrating the various emotion of life. He holds agni (fire) in his upper left hand and dandhasta (a type of mudra or hand gesture) in his lower left hand; his upper right hand holds a damaru (a short drum) that initiates the tandava and his lower right hand is wrapped with a snake, in abhaya mudra, meaning not to fear from evil; he stands on a bloomed lotus, lifting his left leg with right leg balancing over Apasmara. This complete dance posture symbolizes victory over ignorance and evil influence, hence redemption.

Do You Know: There’s a 2 meter statue of Natraja, placed at CERN, The European centre for research in particle physics in Geneva. It would also amuse you that the design of Hadron-Collider (particle accelerator for CERN experiment) is inspired or derived from the ‘Ring of Flames’ encirclement of Natraja.



We wish you receive Shiva’s graciousness this MahaShivratri.  We wish you very best and a fruitful 2018, stay good, stay blessed.

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Instagram: We are now tuned in to Instagram too. Follow us for some really cool pictures from our world, the Sagar-World, mythologies and our product portfolio that would be available soon to ease up your spiritual solutions. Passed month January had some festivals like every year and some significant occurrences; we would like to mention a few:

Makar Sankranti: Also celebrated as Uttarayan/Maghi/Pongal/Bihu/Khichdi/Lohri, the festival is celebrated throughout the nation varying with slight regional differences and names, but with similar festivity. Sankranti is the symbol of joie de vivre, celebrated with utter enthusiasm. The day is celebrated in reverence of the Solar deity, Surya Dev/Sun, who’s the powerhouse of our solar system, signifying the beginning of harvest season and the Northward movement of Surya Dev, hence known as Uttarayan with a fresh breeze in the atmosphere. This is the only festival that surprisingly falls on the same Gregorian date (January 14)

Basant Panchami: Also known, as Vasant Panchami is a spring festival coming every fifth day of Magh month of Indian calendar, occurring in the month of January/February. The festival is celebrated pan India with variances, in reverence of two deities, Devi Saraswati and Kaamdev; yes, lady of knowledge & wise, and lord of love & sexuality. While In many regions, people worship Saraswati, Bhagwati of learning, arts & music. Devotees visit to her temples, play music, while parents sit down with their children, initiate them into writing letters of alphabet or study together; some regions mark this day as the festival of Kaamdev, the Hindu deity of love. Vasant Panchami, hence is also termed as Indian Valentine day, as couples get together this day to celebrate the changing season, bringing freshness in their lives.  Major festival in February:



Maha-Shivratri: most prominent Shaiv-festival celebrated jubilantly by the devotees all over the world in veneration of Bhagwan Shiv. Shivratri falls on every Luni-Solar month of the Hindu calendar, coming on 13th night/14th day of Phalgun, before the arrival of spring, marking “the Great Night of Shiv”, a remembrance of “overcoming darkness and ignorance”.

Maha Shivratri is mentioned in several pauranic legends. According to one such legend, this is the night when MahaDev donned the Natraja avatar, meaning the lord of dance. As Natraja, Shiv performed the famous tandava dance to subdue ‘Apasmara’, a demon who symbolizes ignorance & oblivion, to redeem Mhalsa (an incarnation of Parvati).

Maha Shivratri has served as a historic confluence of artists for annual dance festivals at major Hindu temples. This event is called Natyanjali, “worship through dance” at the Chidambaram temple.

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