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Pieter Weltevrede Painting

Pieter Weltevrede Painting


We at Sagar World, greatly respect and honour Pieter Weltevrede, his association with us has been a beautiful experience. We have in our collection 400 high resolution scans of his original paintings. Art is a universal language that transcends religion, creed, caste and cultural barriers. Whatever the culture or background you may come from you can always enjoy Art. Art brings great pleasure with it, and spiritual or sacred art is the epitome of art since it seeks to achieve a higher plane of consciousness through art form. The ancients in India wove the spirit of consciousness into art, architecture, language, customs, rituals and every other possible aspect of human life, since it is very easy to forget “God” in our trials and tribulations. Hence to constantly remind ourselves of the divine presence, we celebrated the art of the sacred artist, Pieter Weltevrede. 

Mr. Shiv Sagar And Pieter Weltevrede

Mr. Shiv Sagar And Pieter Weltevrede

Shri Ramanand Sagar’s Grandson Mr. Shiv Sagar, is a admirer of Pieter Weltevrede’s work. He met Pieter Weltevrede through Peter Marchand who he met in Belgium, while he was travelling through Europe. Ever since then he has incorporated them in his own line of work. He recently visited Holland to visit Pieter Weltevrede. 



As Mr Shiv puts it ‘ Pieter Weltevrede visits India every year, and more than once we have had the honour of hosting him whenever he is in Mumbai. Just being around such an person like him elevated ones soul.’

He further adds ‘Pieter is known for his workshops in Haridwar, but he also has conducted workshop at Ganga Kadakia, Art Village (www.artvillage.co) in Karjat. 

Peiter Weltevrede is an internationally acclaimed artist, who paints Hindu puranic and mythological gods and goddesses, yantras, buddhist art, chakras and mandalas. He is greatly influenced by the Hindu way of life and it reflects in his work.

Such is his story that, to understand who Pieter Weltevrede is, we have to mention his Guru Shri Harish Johari, who he fondly called ‘Dada’.

Pieter Weltevrede, was a student of social sciences when he met Dada, a young mind eager to understand the world. “Dada” emphasised on healthy living as a lifestyle. He spoke of different subjects like Chakras and tantra, Swara yoga, numerology, cooking, massaging, gemstones and ayurveda which were at a time, unexplored in the west.


Pieter Weltevrede Harish Johari sacred artist sagar world Ramanand Sagar


“Dada” believed that the arts were a journey to spirituality. He explained that when an artist paints he is not time bound or affected by ego. The artist is immersed in creating something beautiful which is a meditation by itself. Dada himself imbibed this in his life and he was an accomplished sculptor, painter, writer, cook, film maker, musician, poet and teacher.

Peiter Weltevrede met Dada in 1977 in Holland, he was then practicing the watercolour technique, from Shanti Niketan (India), by Rabindranath Tagore. In which washes of colour are used to create a mood. Dada, modified this technique and used it in the medium of silk with the help of his teacher Master – Sri Chandra Bal. He was greatly influenced but the ancient Indian temples like Khajurao, Ajanta-Ellora and Elephanta, and together they created the “Harish Johari Wash Technique”. It can be seen in the paintings of Pieter Weltevrede, the proportions of the figurines in his paintings are similar to the ancient Indian sculptures and paintings.

Pieter Weltevrede, in 1988 travelled to India, Bareilly. He met with Harish Johari’s family and Guru Sri Chandra Bal. His experience in India this time, led him meet other saints and gurus and he was mesmerised by the Indian (Hindu) culture.


Pieter Weltevrede Harish Johari sacred artist sagar world Ramanand Sagar

Pieter Weltevrede

In 1999 Dada, left this world of Maya and became oneness, despite this, Pieter who had always thought of himself as his student always felt guided by “Dada”. One of his wishes was that Pieter keeps painting, which Pieter honours to this day. He has made a series of children’s books and continued to make his artwork even more beautiful.

He now, with collaborations with Indian artists and gurus wrote his 1st book, ‘ The Birth of Ganga” with 48 paintings. In 2002 he made yet another series of paintings called “Little Krishna”.

In, 2004 Pieter had a profound experience, he was in Nasik, Maharashtra ( India), attending the Kumbh mela, where he met Sri Avadh Behari Das Kathibaba. He immediately found a beautiful connect with him. He now experienced a life of of a Sadhu with this association. He himself experienced first-hand, a life of a sadhu. He began to paint like he was in meditation.

Now Pieter has a lovely painting workshop, In Haridwar, in the ‘ Johari House’. “Dada”’s wife and daughter, Seema Johari are the guiding spirit for this workshop on the Banks of the Holy Ganga.

He often shares this on his facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/PieterWeltevredeSacredArtist/

Pieter is Dutch by nationality and is married to Geva, who shares his passion for painting and has 3 children who also share his passion for art.

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