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Mahashivratri - Shiva Birthday    Shivratri, Maha Shivratri   This is a festival to honour Lord Shiva, which is celebrated in the Hindu month of Phalgun( corresponding month being February- march in the Gregorian calendar) annually. Maha Shivaratri (Shiva Birthday) means ‘the great night of Shiva’. Lord Shiva is

  Ratha Saptami    Ratha Saptami is one of the most important Hindu festivals   and it is dedicated to Lord Surya or  Surya dev or Sun God.   Also known as shukla paksha saptimi .  Usually, the rituals of Ratha Saptami are performed two days after the Vasant

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Maha-Shivratri is the most prominent Shiv-festival celebrated jubilantly by the devotees all over the world in veneration of Bhagwan Shiv. Shivratri falls on every lunisolar month of the Hindu calendar, coming on 13th night/14th day of Phalgun, every February/March; before the arrival of spring, marking

The advent of the lord supreme, Ram Navami. On this auspicious day, Bhagwan Vishnu took his seventh incarnation and arrived in this mortal realm as Dashrath & Kaushalya’s son; Ram. Mostly revered as Maryada Purshottam, his regime is still remembered as the paradigm of perfect

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, is counted among the prominent Indian festivals, celebrated all over the world with unspeakable merriment. The festival rejoices the impeccable bond shared by a brother and sister; it speaks volumes about this loving relationship that cultivates, evolves and uplifts overtime.